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How many times have you made a trade that hits your Stop Loss only to see it retrace later so that you would have made a Profit?

    A trader using common sense can pick better entry points than an EA. So why use an EA for a manual trade? Because if you get it slightly wrong, this EA keeps adding trades until you are nicely in profit. Depending on your skill and conditions this can be just one trade or 6 or 7 (or even more) trades. This means that you only have to be roughly correct to make a profit - every time. Must be used on MetaTrader 4 only.


   Very simple to use as you can see above - just click the buy or sell buttons top left of any chart and the EA does the rest. Works very well on the 5 Minute chart as shown where we would click sell to return a nice profit - even if the price doesn't fall right away.

    Here's an example using the M5 chart for scalping a TP of just 6 pips. We wait until there has been a long move in one direction and then, when we are expecting a retrace, we trade in the opposite direction. At 1, you can see that we considered the price would rise (there's been a long fall off the chart) so we clicked 'Buy'. As is often the case, we got it wrong and the price fell even further. At point 2, the EA automatically placed a slightly larger trade and moved the TP from the first trade down. The price continued to fall and the EA placed a third trade at point 3 and moved all the TPs down where you can see the blue line. The price then retraced (as we thought it would) to hit the TP for a nice $30 profit in an hour and a half.

    Without this process, our trade would probably have hit the Stop Loss and we would have been frustrated to see yet another losing trade that eventually turned around to make a profit. This technique can also be used on the H1 or longer charts with a 20 - 70 pips Take Profit for longer term day trading. Basically, it just keeps going until you make a profit!

    Normally, we day trade for a larger 30 pips Take Profit on the H1 chart. Here's an example of a trade that went wrong but was handled by the EA to make a profit. The USD/JPY looked like it had reached a high so we sold at point 1 on the chart. It broke out to new highs and  less than 8 hours later, the EA had opened two more larger trades and moved the TP up accordingly. The next day, a 4th trade was opened as you can see and later, it very nearly hit the TP.

    However, we had to wait for the 3rd day for the price to fall and to pocket a nice profit....

So, if you are an experienced trader who hasn't quite cracked it, this EA can turn you into a profitable trader overnight. Now, all you have to do is get it roughly right and no longer worry about hitting those Stop Loses.

     The Manual EA is tied to one account number but has no expiry date - which means extremely good value for a one time payment of $149.00. Capital required can be as little as $200 if you trade micro Lots (0.01 Lots) but because of the way the EA works a realistic minimum is $500. Personally, I trade it with several thousand and get a return of about 50% a month - which means that relatively little capital is required to finally make a real living from trading.


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